Benny Sorrentino’s – Harrisonburg, VA

Bryan and I had a great weekend celebrating a good friend’s birthday in Charlottesville, VA this weekend! The weather was GORGEOUS and we had a lot of fun! We took a day trip to my alma mater, JMU, in Harrisonburg, VA on Saturday to visit the NEW Benny Sorrentino’s store (my brother-in-law’s new pizza place). I blogged about my trip to Benny Nicola’s a few weeks ago. Don’t worry, I won’t tempt you with pizza pictures this time!

I might be slightly biased, but this is my favorite store to date. The decor is really urban and unique. The pizza is delicious as expected. I’m really rooting for this location to be successful. They’ve had 784 Facebook likes already in just 2 weeks! If you go to JMU or live in the Harrisonburg area, show them some love and pay them a visit!

Benny Sorrentino’s is located at the bottom of the Urban Exchange apartments in Downtown Harrisonburg. They have a nice patio out front with a few picnic tables in addition to the seating inside. The moment we got out of car, we could smell pizza down the street.

Benny Sorrentino's Store Front

As soon as you walk in, your eyes are instantly drawn to the large mural on the wall and the door hanging from the ceiling that displays the menu.

Benny Sorrentino's Pizza Store

They recruited an artist to paint the large mural who goes by BMBPRF. On the right hand side is a really cool, abstract horse.

Benny Sorrentino's Wall Mural

On the left is “Benny” AKA James Madison.

Benny Sorrentino's Wall Mural

I may have taken a peek in the men’s bathroom to find a neat little drawing in there as well….

Benny Sorrentino's Bathroom Art

There were a lot of other special elements to this store that I loved. They re-purposed some whiskey barrels to make two bar height tables. They also made a larger table with an old door as the table top (not pictured).

Whiskey Barrel Table

There were two bars along the windows made of these huge wood slabs. In addition to brackets, they used modern metal pipes as support. I loved the mix of old and new.

Wood Bar Table

Since the ceilings are so tall, there are a lot of exposed pipes and long light fixtures. My mother-in-law picked out the lights and they complement the vibe so well. There are black dome lights over the counter, seating, and register area.

Benny Sorrentino's Ceiling Light Fixtures

Then there are skinny bulb lights hanging in front of the oven area and along the prep counter.

Benny Sorrentino's

My favorite are the red, birdcage light fixtures along the hallway to the bathrooms.

Red Birdcage Light

You may have remembered me mentioning #Benstagram on my last post. They made several photo collages along the hallway using old windows and those pictures submitted on Instagram to win a free slice.

Instagram Photo Collage

Here is a view of the store from the bathroom hallway. It’s very large and open compared to the other locations. I strangely like the look and feel of the exposed concrete walls.

Benny Sorrentino's Pizza Place

You didn’t think we were going to go there and not eat did you? It was fun catching up with college friends and reminiscing about the past.

Benny Sorrentino's Pizza Wall Mural

It’s been so neat to be around for each store opening and watch as they evolve and grow in popularity. My t-shirt collection is quickly growing, and I’m sure there will be many more to come! To keep up with the latest store locations, visit the Benny’s VA website.

JMU Quad Selfie

After visiting the store, we walked around downtown Harrisonburg and JMU! It felt sooooo good to be back! It was amazing to see all the changes that happened in just 5 years. Since it was so nice out, the quad was covered in people playing Frisbee, soccer, having a picnic, etc. I had to take the obligatory selfie in front of Wilson Hall. AH! I have so much love for this place!

We start moving in just 2 weeks so it was nice to have a relaxing weekend before the chaos begins. You may notice fewer posts in the mean time until we get settled and back in our normal routine. I’ll make up for it though with plenty of pictures! Until then, keep your fingers crossed that this gorgeous, warm weather is here to stay!

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